It’s hard to come across a good cross country chain guide. Having had a particularly hard time with a few other brands, I was delighted to see that this guide had addressed all the issues I could see in the others. We were given the post mount option for the guide and installing it on my nine speed hardtail was relatively easy. Ride wise it was faultless. This guide has been designed down to a T, at the bottom of the cage the carbon tapers inward and there is no room should the chain drop for it to fall and wedge itself. At the top it flanges outward so that the chain doesn’t rub when up and down shifting. The bolts that join the two pieces also have a rubber coating , which makes for a quiet ride. Whilst it was on(two months), a chain was never dropped and to sum up what more could you ask for.

Comes in a range of colours. A direct mount also available
Distributed by Pushie Enterprises

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