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We were able to get a hold of a pair of Chunked “Flat-Outs” and after discovering Connor Fearon had been on them for almost a year we thought we should hand over reviewing responsibilities to him. So here it goes:
“I first saw The Chunked Flat-out pedals bolted onto Ben Power’s bike in early 2012. I mentioned I liked the look of them and the word got to Simon the owner of Chunked and he was happy to send me a set to use.
When it comes to bike setup I’m not fussy and can easily adapt to changes, although when it comes to pedals I can be really particular and the flat out’s ticked all the boxes.

Flat Out's

The thing I like most about the pedals is the huge platform, when you’re racing at the highest level of Downhill, on tracks like Fort William and Val di Sole it’s pretty important your feet stay glued to the pedals! Personally I couldn’t care less about how much my pedals weigh, after all what difference does it make when there’s 70kg+ sitting directly on top of them but the flat out pedals are surprisingly light for how huge the platform is.

I used the same set of Chunked pedals for all of 2012. This included a full world cup season, two months of Bike Park riding and many other races. By the end the bushes were worn and I had to replace a few broken pins but that was it, amazing considering the beating. The axles and platforms remained straight and structurally sound which is very impressive.

In conclusion the Chunked Flat-Out pedals are extremely grippy due to the platform, which is massive. The Chunked’s are good for rough downhill tracks where your feet get bounced around a lot but are more than sturdy for your smoother tracks. The downfall of the pedalset is only really the extra size of the platform which means it tends to scrape rock and roots on your way down, so, luckily they are strong enough to take the beating.

Chunked Components are a  Australian brand who make top notch products for the Mountain Bike community. The Flat Out’s are no longer Prototypes and now feature better bushings and titanium shafts. Find out more at :

Words : Connor Fearon Photos : Robert Conroy

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