Off the rails

Name, Age and Hometown?
I am 16 years of age and I live in Woronora Heights the Sutherland Shire NSW

How long have you been riding and how did you get into mountain biking?
I have been riding motorbikes of some description since I was 3years old, from there I progressed into a couple of years in BMX. I came across the all schools event at Thredbo and thought I would give it a go, since then my interest in mountain biking has been growing and growing rapidly. My first year of racing was in U15’s. I did the State Downhill series and Cross country series placing 2nd in the State championships in both. I have now been racing DH for 3 years and really enjoying it.

What do you love most about riding?
The feeling when you’re in the starting gate about to do your race run and your thinking why do I do this?

You always seem to have such a flow and style to your riding. Does that come naturally or is it something you’ve perfected over time?
I feel riding a motorbike from a young age has helped develop my style. It has taught me how to handle a bike at high speed and on different terrains.

What animal would you compare your riding style to?
Maybe a cheetah.

Technical trails and sunsets come as no stranger to Brent

What riders have influenced you?
Defiantly Sam Hill and Troy Bronson. Just watching them succeed show’s that any Australian can be up there at the top level.

What is your favourite riding movie section?
The Aaron Gwin section in The Tipping Point

What was your biggest near death experience on a bike?
None so far and I hope that it stays that way.

What approach do you have to training are you a gym junkie or is it all about that time on the bike. Run us through an average week?
Nah, I ‘m not a gym junkie, just a lot of road riding through the week followed through with some XC riding and core fitness work.

Keeping it casual or factory?
I try to keep it casual; I tend to buy the kits that no one else has.

Turnbar between the trees

What is your favourite track?
Awaba up near Newcastle because i think it is well designed with natural rock gardens and nice man made jumps. The track suites my riding style, I really enjoy getting into the technical tracks.

What is your number one post ride guilty pleasure? Dirty Bird, Maccas, Subway or other?
SUBWAY for sure, the best takeaway ever.

You are currently riding a Knolly. Tell us how that hook up came about?
The deal was organised by Knolly Team Rider – Alan Crisp . Al worked for Endeavour Cycles before moving to Canada where he joined the Knolly Team. While overseas he was keeping an eye on my results and when he returned to Australia for a visit, he asked me if I wanted to join the team.

Navigating a rock garden

Recently you were crowned State Champion in under 17’s. How does that feel?
It was a good feeling knowing all the effort had payed off but I know that I also have to keep putting in the hard yards to stay on top.

You were able to back up your championship win with another at Ourimbah but were unable to threepeat in Canberra and finished a little off the pace. What happened there?
My foot came out in the top of the rock garden and was unable to get it back in, there was a mechanical issue with the pedal. I was trying to get back into that racing state of mind but it just wasn’t happening.

What is your plan heading into the final round at Coffs Harbour. Does the track suit you?
I have never raced at the track but I have been told that its fast and there are heaps of jumps on the track. So i’m looking forward to it.

With this being your final year in U17’s, do you think you are ready for the competitivness of the U19’s field?
All the divisions I have raced in have been competitive so I’m not worried about moving up into the 19’s

Over the past month, you have been filming with Ty Bowmaker for a rider bio. What was that like as an experience?
It’s been really fun making a film with Ty; I have never been filmed riding Downhill before so it was really fun. It going to be really good to be able to show people the tracks I enjoy to ride and share with friends.

Lastly any shout outs you would like to make.
I like to say a big thanks to Greg Ryan at T.W.E He has been helping me out for over a year and a half which I really appreciate, hopefully there will be many more years to come. Also a big thanks goes to my local bike shop and long term supporter “Endeavour Cycles”. They have always supported me in what I do, they really care about the people they support they
always ask me how my racing is going.
My good friend Alan Crisp who approached me to ride the new Knolly Podium thanks for all the support , I am really grateful for this opportunity and they really are the best bikes! Last but not least I would like to say a big thanks
to my parents for offering up their love time and money to help me in a sport that I love to do.

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