New XTR caliper & Freeze disc

It’s around every three years that a component group at Shimano will see a update and many thought that this release would be the big change. Speculation led many to believe perhaps a electronic driven drive train or perhaps a move more toward eleven speed with XTR groupset due for it’s overhall.
There is no indication of a new groupset here although there are some adjustments to XTR however the release  also focuses on some of the gaps in the market introducing some 27.5 wheelsets and indeed lighter wheelsets on the whole.


The update of the XTR Race Brake is the biggest inclusion in the release with 40 grams shaven off the previous model but with more adjustability included.
•Optimized material and structure for light weight
•Magnesium BL/BR ,carbon lever, titanium small parts
- 40g lighter than BR-M985
- Refined piston with sealing construction BL
- Optimized power curve, improved master cylinder & piston design (free stroke, rigidity)
- Ergonomic lever shape
- Total design of heat management
- I-spec compatible
- Ice-Technology pad compatible
- Reach adjust (tool)
- Easy and clean bleeding
- One way bleeding

Freeza Disc (Image at start)
The new “Freeza” disc takes its inspiration from the Saint family utilising the ice technology to make the disc 40 Deg C cooler than its predecessor. Essentially with the fins it keeps it so cool that it gives the rider as much stopping power as the rotor above it.
-Rotor size: 203mm /180mm /160mm /140mm in centre lock only

New brake body with carbon leverNew caliper

29′er Tubular Race Light Carbon Wheelset

- Tubular wheel with super light weight carbon rim, optimized design for XC race
- Super light weight full-carbon offset rim
- 28pcs of straight black spokes and aluminum black nipples
- Quick engagement freehub body (36/360 degree) for perfect traction
- High rigidity with front 15mm and rear 12mm E-thru axle
- Easy maintenance and longer durability
- CENTER LOCK rotor mount for easy and quick installation


Improved Chains

More efficient, more silent, less maintenance with New Surface Technology “SIL-TEC”
- Dyna-sys 10-speed new special treatment chain
- Directional chain, further evolution of shifting performance
- Light weight with hollow pin (M985)
- Standard pin (HG95/HG75)
- New surface treatment technology


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