Won’t Back Down tracks the life of Steve Peat and the ups and downs of a truly amazing career. This story starts in the late 80′s a time when a young Peaty and the sport of downhill are just emerging where the pace then turns to an interesting piece on Jason McRoy one of downhill’s early stars. A rider who shaped the course of upcoming British downhillers before his premature passing.

The film then centres around the next couple of decades of pro life, casually splitting them into two main eras the Nico Voulliouz and Sam Hill years. It goes quite in-depth here, with interviews and voice overs from the main players of the day including, Nigel Page, Rob Warner, Shaun Palmer, Will Longden, Cedric Gracia and more. Handing over some amazing little nuggets of mountain biking history. …View More

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Tom van Steenbergen lays down fresh lines on the newly opened Whistler Mountain Bike Park trails. The video features Steenbergen’s signature laid-out whips, manuals and massive flips (including the first-ever front flip in the notoriously big Crabapple Hits).

Video by Rupert Walker

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I arrived at Taree for round 1 of The Finish Line Single-track mind series which was due to be held at the awesome trails of Kiwarrak state forest also know as the “Tip Trails”, And as usual the Taree trail fairy’s had been at it again with not a leaf or stick out of place! The atmosphere was pumping and everyone was ready to have a ball for either 4 or 7 hours.
This time I would be going solo for 4 hours, it was something different to the usual races I go after with most only being an hour to 2 hours long, it was going to be a great challenge. With Port To Port only just around the corner it would be the perfect race to get some quality kilometers in the legs. …View More

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Round two of the Yakima Sunshine Series for 2014 headed to Toowoomba with riders getting up the range for a few wild runs down the famous “Mackenzie Frenzy”, Tbah’s iconic DH track. The Frenzy is known and loved for its high-speed sections, big senders and loose rocks. The loyal trail crew at Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club had the track running fast with a few sweet new features. Early on Saturday morning there was some crazy grip up on track for the first few practice runs, but with 200 riders about to hit the mountain, it didn’t last long. Downhill races in Toowoomba always come with a great atmosphere and this weekend did not disappoint. …View More

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Following over half a decade of proven Di2 electronic shifting systems, Shimano introduces XTR M9050 Di2, the world’s first production electronic mountain bike shifting system. An electronic shifting option for Shimano’s new 11-speed XTR M9000 mechanical mountain bike
components, XTR Di2 redefines how mountain bikers can control and personalise the way they ride through the proven Di2 digital platform.

Shimano XTR M9050 Di2 electronic shifting integrates with XTR M9000 mechanical components in a variety of Race or Trail “Rider Tuned” 1x, 2x, or 3x drivetrain configurations. The new 11-speed XTR M9000 drivetrain introduces Rhythm Step gearing which provides range and ensures rhythm, no matter the rider or terrain. With the additional efficiency, new shifting options and personalisation of the digital Di2 system, riders now can control their ride like never before. …View More

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Sam Payet is just one of the current crop of fast downhill and enduro riders on the come up in Western Australia. He’s a regular podium attendee and has some wicked style on the bike but that’s not a lot to go on so we thought we’d sit down and ask him a few questions.

What bikes are you currently riding?
For downhill I’m on a Morewood Makulu which I’ve had for about 6 months now, the suspension is pretty active so its tracks really well and its super fun on rougher tracks. I’ve also been riding Morewoods Sukuma out on the trails and some of the more tame downhill tracks over here, it’s a pretty playful bike and is perfect for a mid-week shred on the trails.

Do you enduro?
I mountainbike does that count?

Who do you think is going to surprise us on the race scene this year?
There’s few guys that have come over from motocross who are getting pretty quick, at the same time some of the other regulars have been training really hard so I think instead of any standout performances we can expect a pretty tight top 5 with most guys looking to push up the ranks. …View More

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Well the first two world cups started off a little different then expected. Last year I came into the world cup season with no real pressure, I was a bit of an unknown and after the first two races I was leading the junior class. This year has been a different story all together, I’m on a full factory team with Devinci Global Racing and am supported for the full season.

I was over the moon when I was asked but at the same time I was really nervous. The first couple of local races I did weren’t my best in recent times and I was over thinking things instead of just riding and having fun like usual. It took me a little while to sort that out but I was soon back into a groove, that was until I went a broke my wrist at a national round in Thredbo. That took me back a far bit mentally as it was so close to the start of the world cup season. I was still able to train but not as I normally would, I put in a lot of hard work with little time on the bike it pissed me off a a fair bit.
Once my wrist had healed up enough to ride I had one more race in Australia before heading overseas. I was definitely not riding as aggressive as normally and I didn’t want to take risks which made me feel like I couldn’t get out of first gear the whole weekend. I still ended up with a good result but I knew I wasn’t riding as well as I know I could’ve been. …View More

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